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Well, 2022 has been quite the year. A tough one for me at Bosa for a lot of personal reasons, but I am putting my big girl pants on and moving forwards.

You may have noticed Bosa's Instagram is no longer there 🥹, unfortunately this year Instagram removed my platform. I'm still very unsure as to why due to not being able to speak to anyone. But rest assured - we ARE still here.

You may also have noticed some items not on the website, I am changing the website to stock only items. I have been working on a way to get your orders out quicker. So we will now be selling from stock not "made to order". So bare with, it's being done gradually 😅

I know times are tough right now, but I hope you are all well.

Your support means more than you will ever know, so thank you, all of you. I am looking forward to throwing myself back into my beautiful little business of candle making.

Stay safe and hang in there.

All my love and appreciation


Ps keep your eyes peeled for those Christmas goodies that will be launched soooooon.

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